-TMG New Project-

How to apply TMG new project?

We gonna introduce about "Foreign National Startup Activity Promotion Program" that is promoted by Tokyo Metropolitan Government(TMG). In order to promote business startup activities by foreign nationals, allowing them to enter Japan easily upon fulfilling the certain requirements. 

This project shall be applicable to all foreign nationals(without foreign nationals who are already residing Japan under other residence status.) who begin new businesses within Tokyo.Also, students who are studying in Japan can use it.


Apply Process

Application from foreign country

1, Apply for confirmation with the TMG.

  ・Submit 6 items.

   ①The applicant form

   ②Business plan

   ③Curriculum Vitae

   ④Copy of passport

   ⑤Documents that clarify your residence for 6 months

   ⑥Documents that clarify your property

  ・have some meetings with the person in charge of TMG.


2, Receive the “Certificate of confirmation of Business Startup Activities”.


3, Apply and Receive for the Certificate of Eligibility for the “Business Manager”.

Activity in Japan

4, Conduct your own business startup activities to follow up your busines plan.


5, Apply for an extension of the period of stay.(6 months after entering Japan)

♦Comparison between standard and the project

Standard procedures need some contracts(office contract, customer acquisition etc...) “before” entering Japan. Therefore, the domestic business partner is essential


The project's merit is easy preparation. documets can be made in foregn country, and contracts will be singed "after" entering Japan. the domestic business partner is not essential.


♦How to support your apply

We will support your apply with some points.

1, Documentation support

Staff who is experienced in document preparation will support you. There are some difficult points to fill out, such as income and expenditure plan, and business plan details, so we can help you with advice or preparating them.

2, Proxy submission

You can prepare documents in foreign country, but you have to bring them to the office designated by TMG, that is located in Tokyo. We are qualified administrative scriveners, so we can submit documents as an agent.

3, Consulting

In addition, we will answer as much as possible consultations and questions about the business itself.




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