The status of residence (Visa)
types and requirements
Solution C.A.P Legal Specialist Office
There are 30 types of Visa


Types and Requirements

Immigration law Appendix; Table 1

Representatives of country or some specific institutions. These are generally seldom used.

1, Diplomat

2, Official

3, Professor

4, Artist

5, Religious Activities

6, Journalist


Immigration law Appendix; Table 2

These are commonly used, and different requirements are required. Our office is good at applying them!

1, Highly skilled worker

Academic background and work experience have points, and points must exceed the standard.

2, Business manager

capitals 5 million yen or more, and the office in japan are reqired.

3, Legal/Accounting services

public qualification is required

4, Medical services

public qualification is required

5, Resercher

6, Instructor

7, Engineer / Specialist in humanities / International services

requirements change depending on job. Almost of all requires academic background. Please contact us for detail.

8, Intra-company transferee

9, Nursing care

public qualification is required

10, Entertainer

11, Skilled labor

Specific industrial skill is required. Please contact us for detail. 

12, Technical intern traning

Must have learnt the job skill in school. Please contact us for detail.

13, Specified skilled worker

Must have passed specific tests. Plase contact us for detail.


Immigration law Appendix; Table 3

These are also commonly used, and don't allow to work. Different requirements are required. Our office is good at applying them!

1, Cultural activities

2, Temporary visitor


Immigration law Appendix; Table 4

These are also commonly used. The principal is unable to work but for applying, government allow to work with restriction.Different requirements are required. Our office is good at applying them!

1, Student

2, Traniee

3, Dependent

Spouse or parent who have the status of residence is required.


Immigration law Appendix; Table 5

1, Designated activities

It is used  if you do not meet any of above status of residence. It has various activities, so please contact us for detail.


Immigration law Appendix; Residency Status

These are rights to resident in Japan. Our office is good at applying them!

1, Permanent Resident

expalanation "Why you need to resident in japan." is restrictly required, and some documents that prove explanation are also required.

2, Spouse or child of Japanese national

Family relationship with Japanese is required.

3, Spouse or child of permanent resident

Family relationship with permanent resident is required.

4, Long-term resident

Special reasons are needed.

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